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New Cat Converter @40k

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Took my car in for the check engine light and they said my Cat Converter went bad, when I was leaving he said your lucky this was covered, you don't want to pay for one of these, trust me. Never heard of the CC going bad at this low mileage
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And what tests did they perform to jump to this conclusion ?
Diagnostic test..... the code detected was a leak from the CAT
Was it a leak around the cat or from within the cat? It must have been defective or something for it to leak, bad welds or something? Seems kind of odd, never heard of that before.
Definitely a fluke. At least it's covered under the emissions warranty (catalytic converters and powertrain control module---8 years or 80,000 miles).
Luck had nothing to do with it at that low mileage. If you had 79k miles then sure.

B. Design and Defect Warranty
The Design and Defect Warranty covers repair of emission related parts which become defective
during the warranty period. The Design and Defect warranty for model year 1995 and newer
light-duty cars and trucks is outlined below.
Design and Defect Warranty Coverage for 1995 and newer light-duty vehicles:

Emission control and emission related parts are covered for the first 2 years or 24,000
miles of vehicle use (whichever first occurs); and

Specified major emission control components are covered for the first 8 years or 80,000
miles of vehicle use (whichever first occurs).
According to federal law, an emission control or emission related part, or a specified major
emission control component, that fails because of a defect in materials or workmanship, must
be repaired or replaced by the vehicle manufacturer free of charge as long as the vehicle has not
exceeded the warranty time or mileage limitations for the failed part.

What Are Specified Major Emission Control Components?
There are three specified major emission control components, covered for the first 8 years or
80,000 miles of vehicle use (whichever first occurs) on 1995 and newer vehicles:

Catalytic converters

The electronic emissions control unit or computer (ECU)

The onboard emissions diagnostic device or computer (OBD)
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I wonder it my extended warranty I just got will cover these items will it times my case 7 years or 100k
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