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Hi I'm Spider. I live in Northwest Missouri and am the proud new owner of a black 21 RT+. Its my 3rd car following a 08 LTZ Malibu and before that a 01 Grand Am SE.

I made the jump to Dodge because modern Camaros are to small and cramped and I like the old school feel of the Challenger. Went with the RT+ because it was cheaper than the 22 RT I had ordered and a Scat was too much power for my wife to handle comfortably.
Welcome Spider! Looking forward to seeing a pic. I just picked up an RT 5.7 this week also! I to opted out of the SP in fear of my brides 鈥渓ead foot鈥 鈥ol. I put the extra dollars into PLUS package, sunroof, convenience package and most importantly the 鈥淪haker鈥 package.
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts