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Hey, everyone! Love the sound of the stock 6.4, but I have been looking for something to make it a tad louder and add some more defined pops/crackles. I have been doing tons of research on potential upgrades for my 2022 SP and I've essentially decided on the Vibrant 1794 resonator to replace the mid-mufflers, as the deep sound is just what I am looking for and price is not bad at all ($80 each on Amazon). I already have a shop in mind to handle the install that I've been to before and does a great job.

My main hold up is with the idea of messing with the stock exhaust in the first place. Got a Solo Performance Cyclone catback kit (highly recommend!) installed on my previous Challenger GT, which clamped on, no welding needed. Had no issues with it at all, though ended up trading it in for the 392 about a year after the install. These Vibrants would need to be welded in, and I've seen some comments about how the anti-rusting properties of the stainless pipes are removed by the welds and that rust could be an issue down the road on the pipes and the welds themselves. I am looking to keep this car for a very long time so I was just hoping to hear your experience with any potential issues (like rust) in the long term when new mufflers/resonators were welded in. I know it ultimately comes down to preference but just not wanting to sacrifice longevity for better sound. If there is a way to maybe seal or protect the welds at time of install to prevent any leaks/rusting/etc? Appreciate any insight!

Included a pic below of my shop's work welding a pair of Vibrants on another Challenger for reference.

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