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New owner in NJ

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Hello all;

I just picked up a 2010 RT/6 speed back in October. I got it at a Honda dealership here in NJ with 38,000 miles on it (apparently the previous owner didn't want to get rid of it so maybe he is still poking around on the forums).

It has:

D2 suspension (My research shows this as "middle of the road".. it rides pretty nice and is lowered but has a little clunk in the rear I need to check out)
Corsa exhaust (..nasty...)
Airaid intake
2011+ SRT front lip (in the process of getting a new one because the old one was broken..along with a few tabs here and there on the bumper, but nothing I can't get around).
Billet catch can (which seems to not catch much..good for me)

My first impressions:

1) Throttle lag. I did a lot of research and apparently there is no easy fix...
2) Windows are slow. Not a big deal, but the drivers side won't go up sometimes unless the car is running. 'Murica.
3) Wheel skins....really, Dodge? The smaller ones are interchangeable but the 20's are attached with epoxy...nice nuisance to fix, as the passenger side front started cracking around the holes.
4) Odd charging system...nothing ever stops working but the headlights very clearly change brightness slightly when in stop-and-go traffic, and not with the application of the brake pedal.
5) Excellent sound system, minus a loose auxiliary port.
6) Comfortable and spacious (this won it for me over the 2011+ Mustang 5.0 despite the performance disadvantage)
7) Nasty stance..the car always looks like it is on the hunt.
8) Shifter doesn't like 3rd gear when grinds, but the shift is very notchy. Not a gripe, just an observation.
9) It is a tank. Granted I traded out of an HHR SS that was about 700 lbs lighter and handled like a my perception is slightly skewed.
10) Whoa, BLIND SPOT...gotta be really careful with lane swallows a whole car.
11) Clutch engagement is high..but all of them seemed like that (drove a few before buying this one).

This is my opinion. It is a great car that is a blast to drive (when the throttle actually matches the pedal input...). I put about 5000 miles on it since I picked it up and I have no serious issues to report.
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Welcome to the Z from NC! The headlamp brightening is a common thing, usually happens when you hit the brakes. You may be able to get rid of the throttle lag with a tune. I had one and the tune from Hemifever has eliminated it. I think there was a TSB a while back on the wheel trim cracking around those lugs. Glad you joined, enjoy the site!

Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hello & welcome from WI!
welcome to the Z...and I agree with the tuner comment on working on the lag.
Good observations, but really every make/model has its tradeoffs. It's just what you can live with and what becomes unbearable. The things you mention sound like the former.

I considered buying a used HHR for my beater car, but ended up with a Subaru Outback Wagon instead. Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from north N.J.
:Racing: Hello and Welcome to the "Z Family" from Wyandotte Michigan !!! :Racing:
Welcome to the Z from FL. Lots of great info here. Enjoy !
Welcome to the forum.
greetings from obx nc enjoy the z,and with that
laundry list i'm sure you will get an answer on how to fix each and everyone of them good luck.:smileup:
Hello from Strasburg, VA

Hello and Welcome to the 'Z' from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. :4-wavey: Enjoy your Ride and the Site! You'll find some knowledgeable and friendly people to answer your questions or just entertain you. Glad you could join us!
Welcome from AZ.
Welcome from Aberdeen,NJ.
Glad to have you here !
Welcome to the Z from New Mexico. Enjoy the ride!
Welcome to the Z from Key West! Enjoy!
Hello and Welcome to the “Z” from Pittsburgh, PA! Congratulations to you on the Challenger!
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