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Dodge challenger, 2015 RT plus, manual transmission.
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Sory for my English Language I'm from Poland (;
I buy a odb scanner.
My challenger 5.7 manual transmission 2015 when I use the scanner no fault codes everything is OK , no engine icon.
But in freeze frame I have a P0000 powertrain i trying to find something in the internet I find two different information.
The P0000 it's mean no fault and the other theory is there is a problem but scanner can't find exactly what.
I find in instruction manual my dodge when the car is equipped in diagnostic mode (mY doesn't)
“Checking System for Diagnostic Codes.”
• Driver must push the OK button again to see the next
Pcode otherwise current message remains displayed.
Driver exits when they cycle to another submenu (up
or down).
• Faults are displayed from newest to the oldest.
• If the menu is exited before the end of codes is reached
- when the driver re-enters the list will be restarted
from the beginning.
• When no codes are present or the last code is reached
= (P0000) and this message is displayed:
• “No Further or End of Diagnostic Codes.i don't know it's could be this in freeze frame ??
I'd somebody have a similar problem or know the answer I would be very grateful.
Best regards.


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