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Pics of my new baby posted in gallery.

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Pics of my scat pack posted in gallery finally. Enjoy! I have!!!


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Looks good, congrats.
Looks good man!
Good Gawd, that thing is pretty, makes me want to make a trade. enjoy it please.
Looking Good! But I'll bet the real beauty is driving it! :smileup:
She's a joy to drive! Finally put her in sport mode yesterday. Corners fantastic on our winding hilly roads in MO. Acceleration is adrenalin raising! Torque is very sufficient to squeek tires if you want, but my treads are too new for me to do too much.

Haven't used super track pack yet. Brought it up on screen yesterday, but was afraid to use launch control in town. Will eventually try.

Engine is broken in. Have 675 mi on it. SRT suggested no hard accelerations for first 500 mi.
Have fun, I certainly do with mine. Black really makes this car look nasty.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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