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So I knew my F1's would need to be replaced soon... I screw helped speed up the process. I went to Firestone (they have a shop on my base) I wanted something that was in stock, no luck... I asked about the Firehawks - no dice - on national back order... They said they could get a set of PZeros mounted in a few hours.....

My initial thought was they were 10lbs over on air pressure... once I verified they were at 32lbs psi... I realized they just don't have the same side wall the F1's had.... Now I am not complaining - they just have a different feel from what I am used to.

They have the same grip the F1's had, but seem to have a little bit of "roll in", on the F1's you turn and it just goes... the car feels like it is rolling onto the side walls of the PZeros just a bit when turning..

At about 100mph the front tires feel like they are not even on the road. No feedback, none... numb is the best way to put it. Now if you turn the wheel, it will go - they are very comfortable - they just don't offer any feedback at speed... again, not complaining, I was just used to the F1's.

So, while I believe these tires will handle any road I throw at them and cruise any highway very comfortably... I don't see myself getting them again on the next go round....

** I have only done one short burnout, testing for wheel hop (none) and it is obvious these will create a lot of smoke compared to the F1's...:D
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