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2014 manual it states 130 ft-lbs for lug nut spec. Just wanted to confirm this is correct since i usually have seen 110 ft-lbs on this board. Thanks!

2014 R/T 20" oem black top wheels

page 421 in the manual.


4. Clean any remaining sealant from the TIREFIT hous-
5. Position the new Sealant Bottle (1) in the housing so
that the Sealant Hose (6) aligns with the hose slot in
the front of the housing. Press the bottle into the
housing. An audible click will be heard indicating the
bottle is locked into place.
6. Verify that the cap is installed on the fitting at the end
of the Sealant Hose (6) and return the hose to its
storage area (located on the bottom of the air pump).
7. Return the TIREFIT kit to its storage location in the
Proper lug nut/bolt torque is very important to ensure
that the wheel is properly mounted to the vehicle. Any
time a wheel has been removed and reinstalled on the
vehicle the lug nuts/bolts should be torqued using a
properly calibrated torque wrench.
Torque Specifications
Lug Nut/Bolt Torque **Lug Nut/
Bolt Size
Lug Nut/
Bolt Socket
130 Ft-Lbs (176 N·m) M14 x 1.50 22 mm
**Use only Chrysler recommended lug nuts/bolts and
clean or remove any dirt or oil before tightening.
Inspect the wheel mounting surface prior to mounting
the tire and remove any corrosion or loose particles. http://www.*******************/forums/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=3070977
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