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I really have to stop being such a procrastinator when I buy mods. They keep biting me in the butt!

I bought the 180 degree tstat (last year or maybe 2013, I think) and delayed installing it due to winter creeping up. When I did put it in, I found it to be defective and then had to beg Amazon to take it back for an exchange even though it was well over the return time period. (They did and the replacement worked fine).

Now, it got me again. Back in October I bought one of those OEM style backup cameras that fits in where the stock license plate light assembly goes. I was in no real hurry to install it since I had a working bar-style rear cam installed. So today after work was the day I decided to install it. Did so, checked the camera function (which works nicely) and then as an afterthought remembered to check the license plate light. Turn the lights on, walk to the back of the car. No light. Wiggle the wire where it enters the assembly and I get light off and on while I wiggle it. Guessing a bad solder joint (or two). It's dead now. I didn't check to see if I can open the case and resolder the connections. Sent a message to the seller on Amazon to see if they'd do a swap even though it's been 4 months since I bought's been sitting in the box it came in since then, so it's not like it's been used and broke after install.

Hopefully they'll do a swap but if they don't, I'll crack the case open and see if I can fix it. :4-dontknow:

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I have had sparkplugs on the shelf for about a year and the t-stat for about two weeks, waiting for my trinity to come in the mail (a gift from my fiancée). They are sitting right next to some parts for her old Explorer.

On the other hand, when my Barton shifter came in the mail, I put it in that night. My fiancée cussed me the whole time, I guess she didn't like sitting out in front of my apartment in December, holding a flashlight so I could see what I was doing.
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