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Greetings All,

I couldn't find another forum category that this really fit in so my apologizes if this belongs somewhere else.

I am looking at purchasing a Plum Crazy 2010 R/T but it does not have some of the features that I had been looking for but I am in love with the color.

My questions:
Can you swap the steering wheel and factory Radio to the Uconnect system to have the steering wheel controls? Also can you swap out the instruments panel to the Premium instrument panel or is the wiring in the car prewired only for what shipped with the car originally?

Any information would be appreciated.


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Welcome! PCP is a real stand-out color and I think how your car looks on the outside is just as important as the inside or even under the hood because that is all most people will ever see.
Call your local Dodge dealership and ask for the service department. There is probably someone knowledgeable that can answer your questions and even quote you prices. I was wanting to swap my R/T brakes for the SRT8 setup until I talked to the serviced rep at my dealership. We were looking at several thousand dollars. Good luck!

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Pretty sure you can do the steering wheel controls and associated wiring for the radio. If you are talking about trying to install the parts for the EVIC, that's a no go. Car has to come with it.
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