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questions about service

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Hey guys I'm about to have my car serviced mainly the rear differential fluid change dealer wants 145 but my question is can I just buy the fluid from a auto parts store and have it done somewere else what I wanted to kno was what type of fluid the the dealer use and is it something better that I can buy I've been hearing about this royal purple stuff
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If your car is still under warranty, I would have them do it.
Royal Purple is a very good oil. The only line I use. You can buy the RP from anywhere and have anyone do the job for you.
Well thanks for the feed back and and ya that's what I told my self home theater guy I am still under factory warranty haven't reached 30.000 yet so guess I'll be taking it in to the dealer in the morning
You can get anybody to service it, doesn't matter if under warranty or not just save the paperwork.
Yeah I also had another question I'm kinda confused the dealer I went 2 said the rear differential service was suppose to be done at 20.000 which was why I was getting ready to do it but just b4 I got ready to take it in I called pepboys just to see what price they could give me if I brought my own fluids and stuff so he asked how many miles were on the car and I told him 28.000 and he said he didn't kno why the dealer told me it's suppose to be done at 20.000 with the fact being it requires synthetic oil which is supposed to last way longer so I got home from work and checked my manual book for scheduled maintenance and it indeed says I don't need to change it until 40.000 so dealer says this manual book says that which one is it
You can get anybody to service it, doesn't matter if under warranty or not just save the paperwork.
^ What he said. I'd make sure they are a certified tech though. :smileup:

Go with what the manual says too.
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