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    I need to replace my brake pads. I have heard from several on this site that R1 makes a great product, so I went online and started the purchasing of new pads and hardware.

    At multiple points along the way, the website stated FREE shipping (see the attachments below). Even on the screen when checking out that allows you to choose shipping speeds, it gives you the option to select FREE shipping.

    I placed my order. A few minutes later, I received a receipt to my e-mail, and low and behold I was charged $20 for shipping:

    Brake Pads SKU(S): 1310-1058-00,1310-1057-00
    Position : Front and Rear
    *Add Ons : *
    Brake Pads : 1310-1058-00(Front),1310-1057-00(Rear)
    DODGE/CHALLENGER/2015/ R/T 1 59.2 59.2
    Subtotal $70.7
    Shipping & Handling $20.00
    Discount $0.00
    Grand Total ( Excl. Tax ) $90.70
    Tax $0.00
    Total $90.70 USD

    So I immediately (within 10 minutes) e-mailed R1 Concepts back with the following:


    In regards to the order receipt in the message below, I had selected FREE
    shipping at check out. Now the receipt shows I am being charged $20 for

    I would like the $20 refunded or the order amount adjusted please. If this
    cannot be done, I want the order canceled.

    Please let me know soon."

    Well, they responded late that same night with:

    "Dear Lyle,

    Thank you for your email.

    We are now charging shipping fee if the order is only for pads/hardware.

    Kind Regards,

    R1 Concepts Inc."

    OK... That doesn't really address my issue at all. A short time later, I received a UPS status update that my order had shipped. So, I e-mailed them yet again with the following:

    "The website clearly states there will be free shipping. In multiple locations.

    If you have changed the policy, then the website needs to be updated to reflect this. I have no problem paying shipping costs if I know that I will be paying them up front. As things stand now, it appears to be a very deceptive, underhand method of extorting money out of your customers.

    So am I to understand that my order is being shipped regardless, and no refund of the shipping costs is to be expected?"

    This time they never responded.

    Let me be clear, it's not about the $20.

    If you are in a store and the salesman says the price will be $70, then when you go to pay, it is suddenly $90, you wouldn't do it. It's dishonest, and the unwillingness to assist is infuriating.

    The pads are on the way, so I will use them, but I'm not going to purchase from them again.



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