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Hi all

was hoping to find some audio tribal knowledge/advice before I take to the dealer and they tell me it’ll take hundreds to fix the radio. Anything helps!


-Radio has an audio glitch. AM/FM has no sound and will not even show volume adjustment.
-CD/BT/SAT/AUX all do have audio, and will adjust volume, but a popping sound occurs every 4-5 seconds, and cuts through the audio making it unbearable to listen to.

I’ve tried disconnecting the negative battery terminal, radio reset, and checked the fuses but all are intact. I have not pulled the head unit out yet so that is my next step.

I drive a base 2014 RT Challenger. No amp, or at least there’s no fuse for it. Any other fuses that I should try to replace or jiggle? The description of the fuses that the manual gives is not clear IMO so I’m not really sure which cavity even controls the radio.

any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks All, and have a happy new year.

Did you ever find a solution to this? My 2013 Challenger is having the exact same issue.
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