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2009 Procharged SRT8 6.6L, SHR War Viking Transmission, 15-20 Scatpack Rear, E85, Orange Julius
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I’ve been slowly building a race car and I’m 95% complete. This is what I’ve done so far:

Engine: Bored and forged to 6.6L / 405 cu in, so new pistons, rods, stage 1 blower cam, lifters, springs, crank, water pump, heads, and any other engine part you can think of

Forced Induction: Procharger D1X

Transmission: 3200 stall converter, SHR War Viking Max

Driveshaft: Custom 4” aluminum

Exhaust: Scatpack or 392 OEM exhaust. It was free so I can’t remember. long tube headers

Rear: 15-20 Scatpack subframe/cradle. 3.09 gear ratio

Fuel: E85, FORE dual pump, ID 1050X injectors

Tune: Mass Acceleration in Denver, NC

Horsepower: 750 RWHP

If you’re interested in my journey, check out my YouTube channel and I’ll also continue to post in here.

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