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On Saturday, 21 September 2019, the 'Ridge Runners' car group is hosting a cruise through some of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The start time is 0900 and is believed to be ending around 1800 (6 p.m. for the civilian minded folks...). There is registration paperwork to fill out prior to setting off, so arrive early. As for me, I plan on getting there at 0800 or earlier. If I get any information that suggests the times may be different, I will post it as soon as I get it. At this point we have roughly two months to plan, prepare and make reservations.

This car group is based out of Lincolnton, NC. I am not going to include an abundance of information about the group as this is not a recruitment event or thread, however, I will say there are over 600 members of this group. According to my point of contact (POC), there is usually at least 50 members that attend this cruise plus others...

The drive will be mainly in the Blue Ridge Mountains and partially along the Catawba River. It will be approximately 106.4 miles each way from the start point. I have been told that there are planned stops along the route for photo ops and fraternization opportunities.

For those interested in this event and are planning to travel a great distance, you may need a hotel. If this is the case, you may want to schedule an overnight in Hickory NC, Marion NC or Morganton NC as these small towns will be close to the route.

This is not a sponsored event and there will no vendors. With this said, the Start/Finish point is Lowes Home Improvement, located in Lincolnton, NC. The address is:
1603 East Main Street
Lincolnton, North Carolina 28092
*Lowes Home Improvement is NOT affiliated in any way with this cruise, please do not call them to try and gather information. They have none. The car group is just using their parking lot as a staging point to start.

This group has scheduled several cruises over the years and this isn't the first event this year. In fact, this is the third cruise of the year hosted by the 'Ridge Runners'. However, this is a new route for this cruise according to my POC. I say this so we all go into this with as much information as possible and hopefully we all bring a flexible attitude ready to meet new people, see some wonderful scenery and more importantly, check out some beautiful rides!

Please, if you are planning to cruise with us, let me know. About 30 days prior to the event, I am going to send the numbers I currently have, no names. This doesn't mean you can't come if it is a last minute decision or make your mind up after I send the info. It is just to give them an idea of how many of us are coming.

If there are any questions, or if I have failed to identify something needed, do not hesitate to contact me. I am usually on here two or three times a day... I look forward to meeting some of you and putting some faces to names!

FYI, for those that carry firearms, NC is an 'open carry' state. This means, unless you have a Concealed Weapons Permit that is reciprocated by NC, the firearm must be visible. It can not be placed under the seat, in the glovebox, etc. You can even wear it on your hip as long as it is visible, however, this is a fun, family oriented environment. I am posting this for informational purposes only.
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