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Do yourself a favor and research the PDR techs in your area. As with all fields there are good one's and not so good one's. I'm lucky to have an expert one where I live. I stopped counting at 300 dings when my 2010 R/T was hit with hail. The chain shop automatically said at least a week and they would supplement (increase the cost) the insurance quote. I researched and found a guy who used to teach PDR in the midwest but has his own business here now. Dropped it off in the morning, was done five hours later including detrim and assembly for much less money than the chain shop. While I was waiting for a ride I watch him drop the headliner in just a few minutes. And unlike most other PDR guys, he does not drill holes to access certain panels. He knows exactly where supports are and what he needs to detrim to avoid drilling. He even got some hood dings out that were right above the support structure by heating a flat tool and softening the glue that bonds the support just under the ding itself then working out the dent. I've used him several times on my other vehicles over the years. When I was on the "other" Forum a guy in NY had someone kick in his left quarter panel. He was your typical Challenger fanatic so he wanted it fixed right by PDR. No one would touch that job in his area. He was headed out West for some reason so I told him about my PDR guy. He stopped in and two hours later the quarter panel looked new, even with that very large dent. So it pays to research.
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