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Order your ORACLE Headlight Halo Kit from the AAC website and get a FREE tube of the new ORACLE Headlight Sealant ($7.99 value) for a Limited Time.

Using this link will AUTOMATICALLY add your free tube of ORACLE Headlight Sealant

You can ALSO have your order shipped in the USA for FREE by using the coupon code "FREESHIP1232"

ORACLE's new Premium Headlight Sealant is the first commercially available sealant specifically formulated for automotive headlight sealing applications. The ORACLE Adhesive line will feature adhesive products designed to help with the ease of installation for technicians installing ORALCE Lighting products.

The Premium Headlight Sealant is a specially formulated RTV (Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing) Waterproof Silicone Sealant designed for use in reassembling automotive lamp housings. The sealant has a tack time of 30 min and cures in 3 hours although 6 hours is recommended to insure a full cure.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts