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My name is nicholas and i am 37 years old and live in galesburg illinois. I am searching for my fathers 1971 barracuda last seen roughly 2001 at 428 e north st galesburg il. ill give a lil background info to explain my search. Growing up youngest of 8 siblings and being more than poor in an alcoholic home there werent too many great memories i can recall. My father was a blue collar worker with a huge alcohol problem that destroyed most everything in his life. Growing up my father and i didnt have the best relationship although we did find a way to bond and it was thru cars. My fathers barracuda was the first car i remember....first i remember riding in....fastest car i ever rode in as well.....all this led to my father and i finding a common ground we could work on together. My first car my father gave me a 1979 firebird....i loved more than anything at that time in my life. We always talked about restoring the barracuda and so out of 8 kids i was the only one to graduate high school and go to college to try to fulfill many goals in life and the barracuda was at the top of my list. I knew what that car meant to my father but im sure he didnt know what it meant to me! To me that barracuda represented my father....our memories...and most of all my childhood. I dreamt of the day we could work on her together. Then in 2001 my father was diagnosed with cancer......i was attending school and when i came home he told me of the situation and having to sell the baracuda. I was crushed....more than i could honestly ever express. I never expected that to ever happen in our lives but that was when i began to realize how quickly and unpredictable life really is. Well my father passed away from cancer and the search for the barracuda has been long and not of any prnjogress. I ask for help to find her to answer the ever nagging question in my mind of where is she
...did she survive....and is there a way to bring her back to her home. Well it is now 2015 and i have a 6 year old son who happens to love buying the mopar hot wheels.....and i have to say i dont blame i would love to give my son everything my father and i never had together. I would like to share our barracuda together and enjoy some of the same memories that my father and i had so many years the same car as well. Miracles do happen....Right!!!

1971 blue barracuda with a gray primered corvette hoodscoop added in the late 70s...
there was faded gray primer but also red paint underneath which leads me tk believe she began life as a red barracuda.
She had a 318 with automatic on the floor. She had a black back bumper.....
she had a cb radio hook up...
she had black interior and every seat was slit with a knife cut.....
she used a folgers coffee can as A fuel pump....
she ran and barely moved due to the tranny having went out and was the cause of her demise.....
she had only a driver side mirror....
she had white and black graphics that the neighbor kids painted on her when they vandilized her...
she had illinois or missouri liscence plate numbers HAN 19. And the last digit is elusive in every picture i have of her. I do have the complete number from a reistration card but at thjs time has been misplaced......
and lastly she was also rockin a chain steering wheel right out of the 70s.

So that is what i have to work with folks....that is recalled from memory and es.....i ask for any help in finding her plz....its not the cars rare nature.....its not the value to me......its an emotional attachment i have and it to me she is priceless bcuz she is where my childhood memories lay within. My email is
[email protected]
if for some reason my pics dont upload plz feel free to contact me and ill send them to u. I have only 4 pics known to exist of her.

I ask for any emails that could yeild info of where she is today. I know its such a long shot but to me it is all the hope i have to reclaim my childhood.


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Welcome from AZ, good luck in your search.

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:Racing: Hello and Welcome to the "Z Family" from Wyandotte Michigan !!! :Racing:

Quite an intro...........I hope you find her and bring her back home. Do you happen to have the Vin number by any chance ?

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Hello from Strasburg, VA

Hello and Welcome to the 'Z' from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. :4-wavey: Enjoy your Ride and the Site! You'll find some knowledgeable and friendly people to answer your questions or just entertain you. Glad you could join us!

Good Luck on your search.

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Good luck in your search. I know of a guy here in Ohio that was searching for his Dads 70 Challenger. He could never find it with help from others. He contacted a PI and within 30 minutes the PI found the car less than 30 miles from him. He did have the VIN number though. Going to be almost impossible if you don't have that.

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Welcome to the forum. Good luck in your search. If you don't find her in such and such amount of time maybe you should buy a new/newer Challenger. You and your son could make all kinds of good memories modifying the Challenger. Wish you well.
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