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honestly, just sell the car. you will make more now than what you paid for it. you keep posting that you wished you had purchased a mustang, and those are great vehicles, just get one. that way you can be happy. no need for you to be so stressed out about a vehicle. you should want to get in and drive not worry about what is wrong with it, etc
I agree as well.

Dodge is no different than any other maker Euro and Japs included. My ZL1 Camaro with 2700 mile on it had to have the headliner replaced because it came apart where it met the front windshield. My 2018 Mercedes Benz GTS (sold it 2 weeks ago) had to have the head unit replaced before it it even hit 1K miles because it stopped working and my wife's new MB GLE AMG 63 with 1200 miles on it had to have the seal around the passenger door replaced and the battery. Cheap parts made in China...

good luck with that Ford...
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