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I finally got to the point where my intake duct was looking too crappy and needed replacing. The part is original and seven years old. For the past three years it was looking like this:
Car Vehicle Hood Grille Motor vehicle

The inner and outer surface had lost its black appearance and took on a brownish look. It’s not a residue, but a surface degredation. The material lost its original properties.

Now, if anyone tries to replace this part good luck. Your Dodge dealer has ZERO reference to quickly identify the part number. Their parts catalog is worthless with no picture and no ability to identify this part. They went through multiple part numbers searching for the correct part and got as frustrated as me.

Fortunately, Nick at Steve White Motors Online Parts was determined to find the right part number. Save yourself the time and effort it took me and order: 68233367AB.
Hood Motor vehicle Green Automotive design Vehicle

You’ll be happy you did. I went through all this pain and frustration because I’m entered in the only car show I’ll attend this year on Aug. 21.
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