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Ok, guys we're running a SHR/FTI combo sale again. It had quite a positive response last time we decided to do it again. So if you have been thinking about upgrading now it the time.

The price for the combo is $4500. You will get the new "Viking" trans and FTI will custom build you a converter for your application. Until February 10th we will be offering a ATI Flexplate free with the purchase of this combo.

Product Description

Southern Hotrod NAG1 VIKING Transmission

Built to handle the demands of Drag racing and Daily driving!
  • Over 30% increase in clutch capacity
  • Custom modified clutch pistons
  • Double sided clutch conversion
  • High torque freewheel clutches
  • Increased Working and Shift pressure via solenoids
  • Upgraded clutch support
  • Transmission pan with drain plug

Time to Spray Pff Pff
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Wow, thanks a sweet deal guys!

About $500 off what you would spend buying the 3 separately:smileup:

Save me a deal when I need a new tranny and plate:D
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