WTS a SMS296 Supercharger off a SMS570x challenger. Supercharger had 11,000 miles before it was taken off from slight bearing noise. Would consider rebuild but im going with procharger after getting a good deal. At 10,000 miles we ran the car on a dyno and it pulled like a freight train making 625whp 720tq at only 12lbs of boost. Everything’s included in this kit, you won’t need to purchase anything else it’s a full kit. (Heat exchanger, 85mm tb*engraved Saleen signature on tb*, hoses, pulley, ATI super damper etc). I can even include a fresh crank pin kit. Only thing I would recommend is having it inspected, these lysholm superchargers are louder than usual but it’s clear there’s bearing noise. Located in Callahan, Florida
Link to dyno video: