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So where have I been? And where am I now?

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It's been a few months since posting here (or any forums, for that matter). Most of 2014 was pretty crappy, to say the least. I lost my dog to diabetes, and then after organizing an all Mopar show to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, I too was diagnosed with it after coming dangerously close to going into a diabetic coma. But, I'm still here. And I never did get a chance to post how Galvatron looks now. The car got a total respray in a custom shade of purple that Speedlogix Lisa aptly dubbed "Cryptic Amethyst". It's a two-tone shade of purple broken up by a thin, white pinstripe and the Mopar '11 Charger stripe ghosted in. Also, my Vossen CV3 wheels were shot in a custom mixed bronze finish, with a gloss black barrel. I'll be more active on the forums again, answering questions and I'm still writing for Modern Mopar Magazine. Hope y'all like how Galvatron looks these days....

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Welcome back,Shawn! Wondered where you had been. Sorry to here about your bestest buddy and sorry to here about your bout with diabetes. Hope everything is under control and you're getting down the road! Galvatron is Looking Good!!!! :smileup:
Welcome back Shawn, hope all is going well for you and wish you the best in the future.
Glad to see you're back Shawn!! Sorry to hear about your dog and your diabetes. Hope your Mopar show was a big success! and of course Galvatron is looking mighty fine.:smileup:
i have been gone awhile myself. but good to be back. hope your health gets better my wife has it also. thanks for what you do and that car is looking mighty fine. great job
Sorry about your dog, and glad you are back! Hope things are getting better for you. Your car is looking good!!!
Welcome back ! Sorry to hear about your dog and your diabetes. Your car is looking sharp !
Welcome back Shawn. Good to see you around again.

Very nice job on the car, looks awesome!
That is one heck of a paint and stripe job. Sorry about the diabetes and your dog, that sucks.
Definitely missed you around here! Sounds like you did have one heck of a year. Hopefully 2015 will start you out better for you! Glad you're back!
Sorry for your loss,it has been on of those years for some people here. The Challenger looks great.Watch your health And listen to your Doctor.
Welcome back and bummer about the past situations! Good to hear from you and the Challenger looks great!
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