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Texas Instruments Car Show Benefiting United Ways

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Was a good turn out. Not as many cars as they thought would show due to the weather forecast. Was quite hot today. I’m not new to car shows but this one kinda puts a bad taste in my mouth as far as etiquette. Myself you don’t touch another man’s wife and you don’t touch his car either🤷🏻‍♂️. Maybe that’s just me. My girl was shiny beautiful but most had questions on what was that black thing sticking up from the engine. Is that an aftermarket cal induction or did you install an aftermarket decoy blower 🙄. I had to start it several times today and explain the “shaker”. This definitely wasn’t a challenger friendly show but that’s ok.. my girl still rocks!!
Only 2 challengers in the show and we were surrounded by mustangs. I told the other driver since we were parked at opposite ends, the challengers were corralling lil ponies!! Here’s some pictures.. t
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Cloud
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood
Two stood out most to me which were the 68-69 Camaro SS. Lots of beautiful muscle cars either way.
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Fawk that I would have said " SIR GIVE ME 50'FT OVER!"

Although I a Texans native sometimes us Texans still don't know how to act. Just saying...... sorry if I offend anyone!
Nope some Texans just don’t know etiquette!!
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