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This article is of particular interest to me and I thought some of the other Z members might enjoy it as well. I worked for Northrop-Grumman as an NDT Xray technician on the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber project from 1987-1999 at the manufacturing plant in Pico Rivera, CA. The facility in Palmdale is where they assembled the B-2, but Pico Rivera was where the bomber's structural components were fabricated. I was hired when the original contract called for 269 bombers to be built and witnessed the B-2's First Flight among other memorable moments of my career.

Resurrecting a Stealthy Giant

March 20, 2014

A 2010 fire on a B-2 stealth bomber in Guam left it heavily damaged. That sparked a four-year — and largely secretive — mission to repair the costly warplane.

It wasn't long after the morning sun came up over the Mojave Desert that Sean Byrne noticed a black speck fluttering just above the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

He knew what it was, as did the other workers from Northrop Grumman Corp. surrounding him. They were waiting on this wind-swept tarmac at the company's plant in Palmdale to catch a glimpse of the aircraft nicknamed "Lazarus" — the plane that died in a fire on the island of Guam only to be resurrected.

The dot grew larger and larger. Suddenly, the unmistakable bat-winged silhouette of the B-2 stealth bomber emerged. As it touched down for a landing, the crowd erupted in applause, hugs and tears.

"After all that time, it finally made it back home," Byrne said. "In some ways, we couldn't believe we pulled it off."

The four-year operation to rebuild the military's rarest — and most expensive at $2.1 billion — aircraft involved hundreds of hard-to-find parts, thousands of labor hours, and 300 Air Force and Northrop workers. Many of them, mechanics such as Byrne, left their families in Palmdale and flew 6,000 miles to Guam to work seven days a week for months at a time to restore the stealth bomber.


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Inspiring Story HM!

I'll zip you rep's as soon as I get my roster cleared up!

Oh, and btw, "they did build that"!


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