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This is why you watch the road kids

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Driving home from work, somebody wrecked on the other side of the freeway, saw a tire coming my way, luckily I had room to swerve and it missed me and the 3 cars behind me. Stills from my dash cam, I don’t have another way to post the video. Anyways, I highly recommend a dash cam.


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I had the awkward experience of driving a vehicle on which that occurred. I worked for International Harvester at that time (late 1960s-early 1970s). Our delivery vehicles were IH Travelalls, which were some of the worst-built trucks made at that time. I was on a highway at 55 MPH when the rear axle separated at the differential and the right rear wheel and partial axle fell off, rolled across the highway, and destroyed someone else's car going in the opposite direction (no injuries, fortunately).

Admittedly off-topic, but other Travelall quality failures I experienced (with different vehicles) included:

  • A tailgate window stuck down during heavy rain
  • Windshield wipers which worked "sometimes"
  • Accelerator pedal linkage snapped so that I had to drive the van using the manual choke (20 MPH maximum)
  • Van would start only in "Drive"
  • Another time when "only" the road wheel fell off
  • Passenger front window shattered when I was sitting with the engine off and no one else anywhere nearby
  • Vehicle ordered with power steering but not installed; it was impossible to turn the wheels fully
IH discontinued manufacturing Travelalls after the 1975 model year, which is not surprising since they averaged only about 11 MPG (maybe 12 MPG highway), which makes my Scat Pack seem like a gas-saver.
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