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I stumbled across their site the other day and I was shocked that I have never heard of them, but more shocked at the price of the super charger kit for us. It was about 3K in total for the kit, where it seems that many others are at the 5K range.

Anyone have experience installing one of their kits? I am wondering about the quality of the components in the kit and the results that were achieved with it.

I'll start searching on You Tube as well.



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You pay for what you get quality-wise I think...

TorqStorm was developed by two car guys with a love for power and speed. This Grand Rapids, MI-based company is proudly manufacturing their superchargers and bracket systems in-house (yeah - AMERICAN MADE!) and features a lifetime warranty on their superchargers against manufacturer defects!
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2011+ 5.7/6.4 Hemi Car w/ electric steering- Supercharger Kit | TorqStorm

  • Intercooling is suggested on all non-carbureted applications.
    [*]Tune not included
    [*]Factory coolant tank does not work with this kit. You can purchase our Coolant tank to accommodate for the air filter for the Supercharger. Part number ARP-DG50024
Even though this appears to be a good price, that the link shows, I am wondering what all additionally has to be added to the initial price, for a fully operational Challenger 5.7 or 6.4?

Most other bolt on superchargers, more expensive yes, but come as a complete kit with all the intercooling needed for daily operation, and comes with the start up tune, and usually fits to all the stock engine parameters.
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