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Trunk Toolbox Install

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Wanted to have a basic toolkit in the car, but the only place logical was with the spare. Did that before on my 2009 Mustang and I can't handle the rattling again.

So I took a page from Saleen. Basically I cut a board to shape, wrapped it with some black fabric that looks like carpeting and then bolted the toolbox to it. Then bolted the board to the trunk lid. I re-used the existing "pushpin" holes for the bolts.

It added about 3-4 lbs to the trunk lid, and the gas shocks have no problems holding it up.

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Very british like a jag... very cool...
Great job, and it looks good. Michel
Great idea,I need to do that for my old too,just some quick easy to reach basic tools to get you back on the road
just some quick easy to reach basic tools to get you back on the road
Pretty much
Might be the difference between driving home or towed
Nice job, cool idea. :smileup:
And just put the Maglite in using NiteEyze mounts

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Very cool! Very European as well! I was stationed overseas and a lot of the cars there have a handy tool kit built into them that will also display a warning triangle with the trunk lid up. Nice job and well done!
That is so nice, Well done. Might take you up on that clean install, it looks great! :rep:
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