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Tuner Advice

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Hi Gang,

I'm considering getting a tuner/chip of some sort for my 2009 SRT8, 6,000 miles. Not sure what is really good and reliable out there

It's currently stock and any HP increase advice is appreciated. Not going to do Super Charge.

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Stay away from all chips and stick with the brand name tuners (Diablosport InTune/Trinity, Bully Dog, etc). Chips are borderline snake oil products that can damage your engine and leave you with minimal to no support.

For the best results by popular consensus on this forum, contact forum member hemifever for a custom tune.
No chips, you need a programmer. You can use a Predator 7135, an InTune or a Trinity, all made by DiabloSport. The Predator is no longer supported by them but you can find them pretty cheap used now.
I'd recommend a used Diablosport Predator or a new Diablosport Intune. I also highly recommend going with a custom Hemifever tune. It's much better than the canned tunes that come preloaded on either the Predator or Intune.

The Predator is an older style tuner that is no longer produced or supported, but it still works just fine with our cars 2008-2010. You can probably get one used for $150-200 from a member on here or on Ebay/Craigslist. Otherwise a new Intune would be nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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