Two cams a set of heads and almost $10k

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    I wanted to get some members opinions and advice about an ongoing situation with a very popular supporting vendor on this forum. I will keep it as classy as I can, do I won't be name dropping just yet. In june 2016 I sent a full core out to a vendor because he was very reputable and well known on the forums. He quoted me $6500 to do a forged 5.7 vvt with ported heads and a custom boost cam. To save on downtime I kept my stock longblock and sent him what I felt was a workable core. I received the motor back in with the new timing chain, gaskets, lifters and mds bits back in August of 2016. As recommended I had the engine installed by one of his authorized installers. And the car was delivered to me with AJs base boost tune and the installer recommended that I get the odds and ends sorted out before the dyno because I installed a completely new front and rear suspension so the car needed an alignment. On that very day that I received the car after getting the alignment done on my way home crusing I heard a loud backfire and fizzle. I had to tow the car back to the installer. December 2016 the installer said that the cam dowel pin sheared off and that it bent the valves in the heads and destroyed the rocker pedestals. Out of sympathy he offered me a eagle head core for free and had them done locally at my expense. He also sold me a boost vvt cam that was smaller than the original cam that I got from the vendor. The Vendor claimed that in the hundreds of strokers built, he's never heard that happen. I sent back the heads and cam to him and waited till he sent them back so I can recoup the cost. I'm still waiting on those heads and that cam. When I got the car back on December 18th 2016 the I was told that I would need to once again wait on the dyno but that the motor is solid and ready to go. On december 23rd 2016 I experienced another failure while driving and this time there was no noise the engine just locked up. I had it towed ($500) back to the installer and left it there to be dealt with. Feb 2016 I was told that the Cam froze in the block and that I would need new valves because they were all bent. Me and the installer figured that we should swap out the rotating assembly over to my original engine that was in my running car to save the down time of shipping it back to the vendor. I then purchased a hellcat cam from the dealer and had the heads done and the new engine bored assembled by the installer. I received the running car back in June 2017. Throughout the entire ordeal the vendor has had spotty communication and rarely answered the calls. He offered a solution which included me footing a discounted rebuild of the motor he built for me originally because he claims that the vvt solenoid failed and it cause the cam to lock up and he claims that it is a dealer issue and not a builder issue. He said he found out and sent the article to the installer. If he knew about it wouldn't a good builder address it before hand? Second if he didn't know wouldn't he be willing to meet me more than halfway? I even offered to send him another set of eagles and purchase a 6.1 crank to get this done. We have yet to come to a resolution. The builder currently has ( original heads, 2 of his boost cams and the shortblock minus the rotating assembly). Sooooo guys what would you do? I'm considering legal action as a last resort. I will reveal the vendors name if I have to go that route.

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