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Upgrade information please

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New to the site. I purchased a 2013 Challenger with 1600 miles on it. Almost new. I have been trying to navigate this site but need some help. I installed K&N cold air intake and filters. My wife ordered me the Diablo 1000 Tuner and I ordered Bobs resonator deletes. What can I expect from these mods when they arrive. Is there anything else I need to do when installing these items. I look forward to any responses. Thanks in advance.
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I would not expect a whole lot, but it should wake the car up a little.If you have 93 octane gas in your area use that tune,if not use the 91 tune.
^^^^ 2X to the above post.
Since it looks like you have the auto, with the tune it will be a completely different driving experience. Not big HP gains but it's definitely different.
Since it looks like you have the auto, with the tune it will be a completely different driving experience. Not big HP gains but it's definitely different.
I second that motion. Using the Diablo is easy, as long as you follow the instructions.
It'll wake the car up some, maybe 15-20 hp gain there, most of it coming from the tuner. CAI's typically don't add a whole lot, the factory setup is pretty good. The resonator deletes will definitely make it louder. You'll probably want to turn MDS off or at least see how it sounds when MDS kicks in with the resonator deletes, might sound kind of silly with just 4 cylinders running.

Another popular/cheap/simple mod to do is installing a 180 thermostat and removing the stock factory 203 thermostat. Then lower your fan settings with the tuner. This will help the car run cooler on hot summer days and prevent heatsoak from robbing power. The Jet thermostat I got was $35 or so and I installed it myself in about 30 minutes, very easy to do.

I also bumped the throttle boost up to 20% all the way on my Predator, I'm assuming the new tuners have that feature as well. Now when I hit the gas the car takes off fast. Some people don't like that but I think it's great.

You can take it a step further if you want and get a custom email tune for the car. I did that and it woke it up a little beyond the canned tunes that come on the tuner. You'll need to datalog with a laptop and send the datalogs to the tuner you're working with. After a few revisions and tests you'll have a tune that's made specifically for your car and will have some better fine tuning aspects over a canned tune.

Otherwise, beyond things like that or maybe a front strut/rear strut bar, mods start to get quite expensive on these cars. Supercharger would be cool but prepare to spend $6-8K for one of those.
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lots of great advice and opinions in this thread....nothing else to add other than to take it!!!!
i like it all but the reso delete... a friend did this to his Chally where i got the Corsa for my Charger liked the sound much better plus no drone period. You will pick up 15/20 HP which will fell good to the "butt Dyno"
Solo Exhaust also makes an excellent catback system if you ever decide to go that route. They're much cheaper than the others and have a great sound. The Corsa is a great system as well, lots of people are happy with that one.
Thank you

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate all the info. I am learning as I go but could not learn without your experiences and information. I will post again when Everything is delivered and installed. I am going crazy waiting for FedEx!!
No problem! We all started off the same. I knew nothing at all about these cars 4 years ago. I learned a lot over the years and a great deal of that came from this forum. Lots of great info on here and great people as well! Hope all your mods show up soon so you can test them out!
Help Me

My Tuner and exhaust got delivered today. They delivered it to my wife's work. She won't let me have them till Christmas. I need a strategy to get these items. I am going crazy. IDEAS Please.....
The tuner will help you a little. Good luck !
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