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Hello All, decided to add a Vicrez rear diffuser on the back of my 2017 Yellowjacket Challenger T/A. I went with the Vicrez because it had sharper edges then the MP Concepts molded diffuser and had a little bit more of the look of hard core aluminum diffusers. And they were selling them for 30% off. Well, the unit came and I was pleased with the look of it until I went to mount it. The piece was about a half inch too long on either end. As there is a video showing the mounting of the piece on a Challenger RT, I can only surmise that the lower valance on the T/A is different then a regular RT because the piece was suppose to fit. So, out came the handy dandy dremel too with a paddle bit, and a finger sander. I drew a template on tracing paper and cut it out and I started sanding and reshaping the sides to fit. Three hours later, i was ready to mount. A liberal amount of 3M automotive tape and the stock inserts in the back, and it was up. While I can tell things aren't perfect where I cut away the excess material, it overall looks great and helps break up the look of the rear end a little.
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