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I have a 2009 Challenger 3.5L, auto trans. My cluster is chiming and flashing the oil and CEL but the codes showing are U1110 Lost Vehicle Speed, U1120 Lost Wheel Distance, U0141 Lost Comm with BCM A, U1403 Implausible Fuel Level Signal, U1411 Implausible Fuel Volume Signal, and P0562 System Voltage Low.
I believe that the problem may be with the BCM but I'm just guessing. I have located what I believe IS the BCM beneath the glove compartment but other than testing whether it is getting power I am lost. I can't afford the $130/hr for a shop though I am mechanically inclined.
The first thing I did was replace the Oil Pressure Sensor but that made no change. I have also replaced the instrument cluster due to a backlighting issue and a report that there was a hardware error from a company that repairs clusters but the CEL and oil lights are still flashing. It will run and drive but with the cluster attached the tach will bounce and limit my power to 2500 RPM and the speedometer is zeroed. However with the cluster disconnected there is no limit on power and I can rev to redline if I choose.
Any thoughts will help and be greatly appreciated. I want my baby back on the road!

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U1110: Lost vehicle speed message.
U1120: Lost wheel distance message.

U1110 and probably applicable to U1120) Possible Causes:
Faulty Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Module
Anti-lock Brake System Module harness is open or shorted
Anti-lock Brake System Module circuit poor electrical connection
Faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

U0141: Lost Communication With Body Control Module "A". Believe this module is located in the engine compartment. Best advice I can offer is find it and check wiring for any marginal/loose connections, bad wiring (chaffing, failing insulation, rodent damage, heat damage, water intrusion into the module enclosure, etc.

U1403... The 'U' indicates a communication problem. The '1' indicates this error code is manufacturer and possibly model specific. You really need access to the Dodge official error codes.

But you might find this of some value: Something I posted on another forum:
My info is U1403 refers to a possible problem with the wiring harness located behind the left hand -- driver side -- kick panel. The problem can be from a water leak from a clogged sun roof drain, leaking windshield seal, or a cowl leak.

However ideally you should have access to a Dodge reference manual that provides in Dodge terms what this code refers to.

If the car has any body water catch basins that then feed water to a drain check these basins are not filled with plant trash.

Also, I make it a habit whenever I walk up to my cars that if I see any leaves on the car around the base of the windshield or caught in an hood or trunk gaps to remove these.

When I open the hood or trunk I look for any leaves that might have gotten into the water channel that runs around the/along side the trunk or engine compartment openings. A leaf can act as a dam and cause water to flow where it shouldn't.

P0562 System Voltage Low. My info is this arises when the PCM detects a lower than requested voltage level. The voltage drops below 10V for more than 60 seconds while the engine is running.

Possible faults:

Defective PCM
Defective Alternator wiring or connector(s)
Defective B+ battery cable from Alternator to battery
Defective Alternator
Poor Charging System ground(s)
Defective PCM wiring/connection to Alternator
Defective Voltage Regulator
Large Parasitic battery drain
Defective Battery and/or cables

It is important to know what the freeze frame data is. This contains the code which triggered the CEL and a snapshot of various engine/car telemetry at the time of the fault.

If the freeze frame code is P0562, then likely all other codes arise from insufficient voltage. The P0562 code is the smoking gun.

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What happened that the fascia is off the car?

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Load test the battery first. It’s probably not the issue but I’d eliminate it. Most parts stores will do that for free.
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