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First I have had this in my car for a couple years and it has always worked without issue. It wasn't until today when I went to replace a bulb that I found a problem.

Ok, I noticed a couple weeks ago that with the phone cord attached, my lights were now sequencing when the brakes were applied and the bulb on the far right passenger side was out. I carefully removed the lamp and replaced the burned out one, it still didn't work. I did some looking closer and found a yellow wire just hanging loose. I removed the lamp assembly and carefully unwrapped the board looking for the wire location. IT appears the solder came loose from the board which is probably causing these issues I have. The problem I am having is where does this wire go?

There is one location near a chip that doesn't appear to have any solder to it like it was never attached there, there is also a orange wire with a very poor solder but I cannot tell if this is where the wire goes.

I sent WE an e-mail but being Sunday, I am sure I won't get anything till tomorrow. Anyone else ever have this problem? What did you do to fix it?




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