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Howdy folks,

First let us say thank you to the good folks of the Z forums Your consistent referrals and praise are greatly appreciated. Without you we would not be where we are today.

That being said we are busier then ever. We are currently looking for a Tech, someone with a good head on their shoulders and thinks out side the box.

Pay depends on your skill and attitude. Basic tools are required We work Tuesday -Sat 10am -6 PM. major Holidays off Some weekends maybe be needed as we do race on occasion and we are a local sponsor of our home track PBIR so we do cater to some weekend activities there as well..

If you are interested please send us an email with your resume to [email protected] NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE AT THIS TIME.

We are growing and also looking for a larger location 3000 sq ft or there about so if anyone in the S Florida area knows of such a place PLEASE let us know. Maybe there is a realtor on here that lurks or something.. You never know

So whats going on at AMP currently?

Jeep 440 BES/ HHP build -- Thanks Josh!
multiple Prochargers some mild some wild
lots of general maintenance
392 based 426 Magnuson
426 PWR 300 shot direct port n20
2013 srt 392 cam install/tune
Arrington 392 magnuson
2013 3.6 jeep super charger

The list goes on.. Thanks again everyone


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Glad to hear you are still growing! The times I've brought my car to you have been a pleasure - professional and courteous! Wish I could afford to have you do more...

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Can't wait for you guys to find a nice new place to grow into! Wish you guys the best. Good thing for both of us I break lots of shit :gy:
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