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Well... The car is safely tucked away in the garage with the cover on. But, I'm already missing it! So, since I know I need new tires in the spring, I decided to send the winter shopping for just the right new wheels and tires. Starting with the wheels.

I have a 2012 tungsten SRT and am requesting pictures of aftermarket wheels on SRTs of the same color. I love the Boss 338s but they don't fit over the Brembo brakes. So, I've been looking at the TTMs. In both I like to look of the anthracite, but wasn't sure how it would look with tungsten. Recently I came upon the Gassers and really like that look, too (but not sure if they fit SRTs).

I don't want all black or chrome (had both in the past). I'm partial to more of an old school look with polished or machined lips and/or accents. Divided on whether to go with the greys or blacks for the spokes.

So... Post up those ideas, please! Just tungsten SRTs, though as I need to make sure they fit and want to get a good idea of how they would look before placing an order.

BTW... I'm planning on keeping 245s for the front and going to 275s for the rear. Haven't decided on tires yet.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's awesome cars!
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