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So what anti theft measures have you taken to ensure your car isnt stolen? Exactly...... NONE! Bro, 99% of these cars are being DRIVEN away.....

IDN where u get this notion that most Hellcats or the like are pushed across town into a garage or something? Thats like the dumbest thing ive ever heard and yet you keep repeating it as if its fact! Its FICTION bro come to terms with that!

I know, another KILL-SWITCH hater because you dont happen to have one and your gonna point out the 1% of cars being towed away as a reason to NOT get a kill switch and by itself is worthless. Makes me lol literally!

Where are u getting this nonsense from? So car theives dont DRIVE the stolen car away they push it away......Ohhhh I see smfh.

Just admit bro you have ZERO theft deterrents for your your car and its safe the way it is. Zero chance anyone is gonna steal your car right? Go with that bro...... sounds legit!

So what about the THOUSANDS of Dodge owners who have had their car stolen right from their driveway or right from the airport parking garage or the parking garage at work......

So according to you if they had kill switches it would have done NOTHING to stop their car from being driven away? Thats what your telling yourself? A kill switch alone would not have done anything huh? Acquire some common sense bro...... The FACT is 99% of those cars would have NEVER been stolen with a simple kill switch.
Well the last two responses have gotten this thread closed.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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