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Windsheild washer not working

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I let the washer fluid get real low on my 2012 R/T, dont know if it was completely out . But anyway I filled it up and now it dont work . I checked all the fuses but not the relays . Any help out there ? Thanks . BooBoo
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It could be the pump itself. Can you hear it when you push the washer button?
I never use mine, even in the summer because the spray gets all over the car! However, I did use it about a month ago, and discovered only one side is working. I think one side is plugged up somehow. I wonder if car wax might have plugged it up?? I haven't done anything about it, got along without these things for years, so I guess I will get along without them now.
Not Dodge's best idea, putting those on the hood.
Could be wax or even the washer fluid itself plugging it up. Sometimes it suds up and dries and before you know it it's plugged.
I agree, those stupid things on the hood suck, wish they could have put them somewhere where the wipers mount, takes away from the look of the hood.

I know sometimes mine act up when it's really cold out, but generally when it's near freezing or above they always work fine. Maybe by letting it go down to the bottom the pump sucked up some sediment that was laying around on the bottom of the washer fluid container and now it's lodged in the line somewhere? Maybe you get some sort of high pressure fitting in there to blow it out?

If it's still under warranty I would just take it to the dealer and let them figure it out.
Thanks everyone , I,ll check all that out . BooBoo
Let us know what you end up finding, would be interested to see what caused it to quit working like that.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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